Plow Drivers Face Tough Conditions in Latest Storms

Snow storms have become daily occurrences across Connecticut over the past few weeks.

Plow truck drivers working for cities, towns and for the state have been going nearly around the clock to keep roads in good condition. But even with the extra pay, drivers say the snow gets old.

“Over and over again," Virgil Griffin said, as he sat in his plow truck near downtown Hartford. "It’s a process.”

Drivers do get breaks along the way. Many of them reported for work early in the morning and weren't expected to finish until early evening. Griffin said the breaks are really about making sure the drivers can get some rest before the next long haul.

"We get some space here so that we get some rest and so we can get back out. Safety is the first thing because I want to get home to my wife and kids," Griffin said.

Salt delivery truck drivers, who also face increased demand this time of year, see similar patterns.

Ed Scarpa said he's busy all day delivering salt in a huge dump truck the size of an 18-wheeler.

“The salt has to get through just like the mail," Scarpa said. "I'm Salta Claus!"

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