Police Called Over Torrington High School Students' Reaction to New Cell Phone Policy: Officials

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Police were called to Torrington High School Thursday after students upset over a new policy to lock up their phones while they are in the classroom became vocal and expressed opposition to the program, according to school officials.

The Torrington school board voted Wednesday night to start a new program intended to block cell phone use at the high school and middle school.

Students in grades 6 through 12 will be given Yondr pouches to put a cell phone in.

They will magnetically lock with a device set up at the school entrance that can also unlock it when the student leaves at the end of the day.

The school said that the issue of implementing a more stringent cell phone policy was discussed at the meeting Wednesday night and many students attended and “were able to express their opinions in an articulate and thoughtful way.”

“This morning, some students who were still angry with the decision became vocal and began to express their opposition,” a statement from the school says.

They said no students or staff were unsafe, administration and staff immediately responded to this situation and Torrington Police were called as a precaution. 

“We do not condone any disruption to the educational environment.  Students who acted in violation of the Student Code of Conduct will be disciplined appropriately,” a statement from the school says.

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