Police Find Marijuana Growing Business in Truck Bed

Police found a marijuana factory in the back of a pickup late Sunday night in Bridgeport as they were investigating a driver suspected of being drunk.

Police noticed Fernando Alves, 29, revving the engine of his idling vehicle in a police parking lot near police headquarters, so Officer Stacey Lyons pulled up behind the truck and put on her sirens, police said.

Alves began backing up, stopped about six inches from the front of Lyons’ cruiser and shouted out of his window, “I see you and I wasn’t going to hit you,” according to police.

Officer Lyons and Officer Michael Novia said they smelled alcohol on Alves’ breath when they approached the truck to speak with him and he was unable to give officers a driver’s license as he claimed to not have one.

Alves failed more than one field sobriety test and was charged with driving under the influence and motor vehicle offenses, according to the police report.

While taking inventory of the vehicle’s contents before  towing it, Officer Joaquim DeBarros discovered a marijuana plant in a large ceramic pot and a large reflective lamp in the bed of the truck. 

Alves has also been charged with operating a drug factory, cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Alves’ bond is set at $4,500.


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