Police in Waterford Ask Pokemon Go Players to Use Commonsense as Issues Arise

People obsessed with the new Pokemon GO game have fallen off cliffs in California, gotten locked in a cemetery in Pennsylvania and upset veterans by transforming military memorials into Pokemon Go gyms

In Waterford, police responded to complaints on Wednesday night and one player caused an unsettling moment for a police officer. Now, police are asking players to use commonsense.

The issue that most concerned police happened around 11:30 p.m. when a player approached a police cruiser as the officer was waiting for the locked gate to the police lot to open.

The player approached the side of the car, asking to get into the lot to go get a Pikachu, police said.

Police also took a complaint form one resident who called police after confronting a Pokemon Go player who was parked outside the house, police said. Then, the player called police.

“Police officers are concerned for the safety of the public, and their own safety,” police said in a Facebook post. And recent events, including threats against police have heightened that concern.

“By all means, play the game, but do it safely. If you want to approach one of our police officers for directions, that's fine - but doing so at 11:30 at the police department, trying to run through the back police lot isn't a good idea,” police said.

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