Police Investigating Death in Wolcott Remove 54 Animals From Home

Police said they responded to a call to provide medical assistance and found a person dead.

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Animal control has removed 53 cats, living and dead, and a dog, from a Wolcott home and it’s been condemned after police found a person dead inside the residence.  

Police said they responded to a home on Spring Street for a medical assist, which turned out to be a death.

They said the house was in disarray, there was a horrible stench and there were dozens of live cats as well as several that were dead.

Animal control found 53 cats, including 12 that were deceased, and a dog that was in bad health, police said.  

Authorities said there was food for the roughly 40 living cats and one dog but many were dehydrated and needed medical care.

“We are dealing with flea situation, we are dealing with skin conditions on the cats. We’re dealing with upper respiratory. We’re dealing with eye infections, ear infections, ear mites and all of that," said Wolcott Animal Control Officer Roslyn Nenninger.

All the animals were removed from the home.

Police said the person’s death was “untimely,” but does not appear suspicious. They are waiting on information from the office of the chief medical examiner.

Nenninger said two people who had been living in the home are cooperating and have signed over all the animals.

After authorities inspected the home, it was condemned.

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