Police Looking to ID ‘Escort' Who Showed Up at Enfield Home, Demanding Payment

Police are trying to identify the woman who went into an Enfield home, identified herself as an escort, and demanded money for services that the resident never asked for, according to police.

As authorities investigate the case, they are also looking into whether there have been any other similar incidents.

The incident happened in the southeastern part of Enfield. Police said the woman, who appears to be in her mid-30s and has bleach-blonde hair and a mole on her cheekbone, demanded $500 for escort services requested, but the resident did not ask for any.

Then the woman got into the passenger side of a newer silver Mitsubishi SUV with a luggage rack on top and no registration plates on the vehicle.

Anyone who experienced a similar incident matching the description should contact the police department to report it.

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