Police Out in Force for Busy Hartford Weekend

Tensions are high in cities across American following several police involved shootings. But that didn’t stop thousands from hitting the streets of Hartford to enjoy festivities planned this weekend, and Hartford police were there to make sure it all went down safely.

Security was beefed up at the Connecticut Convention Center Saturday for the annual ConnectiCon, which brings about 10,000 visitors per day. Officials say heavy security was in place for the event.

“There’s a fairly good presence with HPD. So they’ve stepped up a lot of their patrols and just presence in general,” said Michael Costelli, general manager of the convention center.

The event brings many costumed visitors and may of those costumes wield weapons.

“There are several stations throughout the facility where people have to check those weapons in and they et tagged so we can visually see that something has been inspected,” Costelli explained.

Around the corner food trucks lined up for the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza Food Truck Festival, and a Phish concert at the Xfinity Theatre was expected to draw thousands more.

“In this area with the three events all on top of each other there's an additional 70 uniformed police officers,” said Lt. Robert Allan of the Hartford police.

And even if you don’t see them, police officers will be present throughout the weekend.

“In addition to that were are not going to get into our plain clothes officers and people doing surveillance in the area. It’s anything we do for any other event out here but with three large events all at once there’s a couple more,” Allan said.

Police say safety at these events is a team effort and ask visitors to speak up of they see or hear anything suspicious.

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