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Police Determining Whether West Hartford, Simsbury Investigations Are Connected

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Investigators are looking into whether a bank robbery in West Hartford and an attempted robbery in Simsbury Friday are connected.

Both happened less than an hour apart from each other.

Simsbury Police say based on the clothing description of the suspects, it is likely it’s the same person.

However, police can’t confirm that information until an arrest has been made. 

In West Hartford, authorities say around 10:30 a.m, officers were called to a bank robbery at the Webster Bank location on North Main Street. 

Police say the suspect left the scene before officers arrived.

“Because, usually, West Hartford is a safe town. I live in Hartford, but I've always come to West Hartford and it’s usually safe here, so it's surprising, but robberies can happen anywhere in the world,” Priscilla Whitter of Hartford stated.

Just about thirty minutes later in Simsbury, police responded to reports of an attempted bank robbery at the Webster Bank on Hop Meadow Street.

Authorities say the man showed a note to an employee demanding money.

However, he wasn’t given any and left the building. 

Both men have resembling appearances. According to police, the suspects are described as black men wearing gray sweatshirts and black face coverings. 

Bank goers in West Hartford say they are shocked to hear of this incident happening in town and may look for alternative banking options.

“Want to make sure everyone is staying safe, but I definitely want to know I can come here and be safe, and bring my family here and know we will be okay. I might try different locations. I know there is a couple down the street or maybe trying to go through the drive-thru so I’m not getting out of the car,” Lauren Ofshay of West Hartford says.

Anyone with information is asked to call West Hartford police at (860) 570-8969.

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