Police Set Up Road Block to Investigate East Hartford Triple Slaying

East Hartford Police

Police in East Hartford on Thursday morning stopped residents of the apartment complex where a woman and twin brothers were killed on May 6, asking what they know.

They showed photos of a van that was at the site in an attempt to gain information that could lead to an arrest in the shooting.

On the morning of May 6, police responded to Woodcliff Estates on Nutmeg Lane just after 9 a.m. and found three bodies inside a third-floor apartment.

Shawna Lee Hudson, 26, had been shot in the chest.

Andraw and Andrew Moses, twin 21-year-old brothers from Brooklyn, New York, had been shot in the face, police said.

Another man had been shot and was being carried down a stairwell. He remained hospitalized until earlier this week.

Police said on Wednesday that they are looking for people who might have been involved in the incident.

On Thursday, officers and detectives from East Hartford police where stationed at the entries and exits of the apartment and conducted an informational roadblock to ask residents if they have any information about the incident or if they had seen a silver passenger van with New York plates in the area prior to the shooting.

Police said the victims were targeted and this was not a random act.

Investigation is ongoing. No one has been arrested.

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