Police to Take Valuables from Unlocked Cars to Stop Break-Ins

Police in the East Rock section of New Haven are trying to send a strong message to residents to lock their doors amid several car break-ins and they are doing it an a rather unconventional way.

Starting today, police who notice valuables left in plain view inside unlocked cars will take them to keep them safe from would-be burglars, according to the New Haven Register.

There have been eight car break-ins in one week alone and Lt. Herbert Sharp told the Register that this strategy will prevent burglars from getting expensive items from cars, while forcing residents to make a trip to the police station to pick up belongings.

After taking the valuables, police will either leave a note or call the resident.

The hope is that this will send the message to hide valuables and lock car doors.

Residents have a mixed reaction.

“I think that’s kind of a different way of looking at it. I don’t know how I’d feel about that,” Darin Curts, of New Haven, said.

“I think if it’s something really valuable, if they see something, like a wallet maybe or cell phone or camera, and it’s something that should be protected, it could be a good idea,” Allison Khoe, of New Haven, said. 

George Critides, of New Haven, said he does not know if that would solve the break-ins.

"I think there should be more foot patrols and more bicycle police in the neighborhood,” he said.

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