Popular Musical From Scotland Makes Exclusive American Debut in New Haven

During the next two weeks of the 2016 International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven, visitors have the chance to check out one of the best reviewed shows from across the pond.

“This is our American premiere,” Caroline Deyga said.

Deyga and Kirsty MacLaren are two Scottish actresses who part of the cast of “Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour.”

“It’s the story of six girls who are on the cusp of entering adulthood and everything that comes with,” MacLaren said, “so they’re trying to experience as much of life as they can.”

The Guardian newspaper named their show the best stage play in the UK for 2015, which features “a whole range of different styles of music,” Deyga said.

“Expect to have fun,” MacLaren said. “Expect to be moved, expect to be shocked, expect to be everything you can possibly imagine.”

The ladies from Scottland say their experience coming to the United States is similar to their play’s plotline.

“It was little like recreating the show because there are these girls from Scotland who were in New York going to do some touristy things,” Deyga said. “But also partying American style which was amazing.”

Tickets for Friday night’s show at the are sold out, but there are 17 more shows scheduled at the Yale Repertory Theatre.

The Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour performers are excited for what else the festival has to offer.

“There’s like choreographers coming up from New York to do guest classes,” MacLaren said. “There’s food tours which look amazing, particularly a chocolate one which looks very good.”

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