Postal Carriers Prep for Brutally Cold Weather

People who work outdoors are bracing themselves for bitterly cold temperatures this weekend, including Connecticut’s United States Postal Service letter carriers.

Paul Crooks said he stays protected from the biting cold New England winter temperatures by layering his clothes every day.

He typically wears four layers on top and two on the bottom, along with special boots.

“Once it gets to a certain point of coldness, you don’t really feel the difference,” Crooks said.

With a wind chill that could feel like 20 or 30 degrees below zero this Saturday, Crooks will be packing extra gear.

“The wind is the worst part. Trying to protect yourself from the wind and all the layering that you have to do. I have extra layers in the back just in case,” he said.

Another key to not being overwhelmed by the cold is to keep moving as long as it’s safe to do so, only taking breaks when absolutely necessary.

“Once you’re warm, you feel the cold. So once I’m cold, I like to stay cold,” Crooks said.

The veteran mailman said his hot tub is one of the things he looks forward to once his cold day of work winds down.

“The winter drains you. So when you come home you’re tired. Sometimes I go in there and gear up for the next day” he said.

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