Repairs Continue After Underground Fire in Hartford That Cut Power to Thousands

Repairs continue after an electrical problem sparked an underground fire and explosion, leaving as many as 13,000 homes in the dark in Hartford and West Hartford on Sunday and causing many restaurants to close and cancel Easter reservations.

Eversource Energy spokesman Mitch Gross said about 200 homes are still using generators Monday afternoon. Gross said the priority now is get those customers back onto the electrical grid.

Work continues primarily along Farmington Avenue, where an underground explosion sparked a fire at an underground utility vault around midnight Sunday, according to Hartford Deputy Fire Chief Peter Towey.

Thick, dark smoke could be seen billowing out Sunday morning as flames melted several underground cables near the intersection of Sherman Street. 

Fire crews put out the flames and Eversource cut power to surrounding neighborhoods in Hartford and West Hartford, which affected a number of restaurants in West Hartford Center. Some customers remained without power for the rest of the day.

Traffic lights were out at the intersections of Farmington Avenue and North Main Street and North Main and Brace Road near West Hartford Center. Crews put up temporary stop signs to manage traffic at the West Hartford Center intersection until the traffic lights came back on around 10 p.m.

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