Pretty Pink Licenses Coming to Your Manly Wallet

Alright, men. Get ready to suck it up. 

Your next Connecticut driver’s license will be a pretty, pretty pink color. The state insists the color is “salmon,” but we know better. It will slowly replace the lovely blue shoreline scene on our current cards.

It’s all in an attempt to create a license that’s difficult to duplicate, further frustrating those under 21 who are trying to buy beer. Oh, and offering protection from fraud and identity theft, says the state.

There are other changes, like key information being placed more prominently. 

Cards for those under 21 are formatted vertically, with a new bright yellow stripe to point out when a driver turns 18, and another red bar for when the person turns 21.

There’s also a nifty lighthouse hologram and a hidden image of the Charter Oak tree in addition to “other hidden security elements” that they won’t divulge.

[Click here to see the design (.pdf), and here for the release from the DMV.]

DMV Commissioner Robert Ward, whose signature graces the front of every license, explains in a release, “By issuing this new credential, Connecticut continues to meet high standards in driver’s license security in America.”

New cards will be phased in and be in place at all DMV locations by June 30. The DMV starts phasing them in Wednesday in Wethersfield.  

This is just for new licenses, Your current card will work just fine until its expiration date.

And fellas, the only way to avoid the pink, err, salmon top, is to get a state identification card with a green background.

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