Governor's Race Remains Tight on Eve of Election

With one day to go before Tuesday's midterm election and in light of unaffiliated candidate for governor Joe Visconti's decision to suspend his campaign, a new Quinnipiac University Poll shows Democratic incumbent Gov. Dannel Malloy pulling support from 47 percent of likely voters to Republican challenger Tom Foley’s 44 percent.

Seven percent of voters remain undecided, according the poll released Monday morning.

Although the margin remains slim, the latest poll shows the gap widening. The previous Quinnipiac Poll had Malloy and Foley deadlocked at 43 percent, with 7 percent of voters supporting Visconti.

"I think I don't pay attention to polls. Polls are good for trends. They're not good for telling you what's actually going to happen," Malloy said on Monday. "I'd rather be trending well but this is about who gets their votes to the polls.

The poll released Oct. 29 found Foley would lead Malloy 46-45 percent if Visconti were not a factor.

In a surprise announcement in Brookfield on Sunday, the unaffiliated suspended his campaign and asked his supporters to vote for Foley instead. Visconti's name will remain on the ballot.

It's not clear, however, if that last-minute move will be enough to push Foley ahead.

"What we're finding, which is somewhat surprising, is that [Visconti supporters are] breaking somewhat for Malloy. Now I think the interpretation has to be that Visconti voters are protest voters that aren't happy with either candidate," said Quinnipiac University Poll director Doug Schwartz.

Both candidates have favorability ratings in the red. Foley is viewed as 44 percent unfavorable, with only 42 percent of voters viewing him in a positive light. Forty-nine percent of likely voters give Malloy an unfavorable rating, compared with 43 percent who see him favorably, according to the poll.

With one day to go, 89 percent of Connecticut likely voters who named a candidate said their minds are made up, while 11 percent say they might reconsider. Malloy and Foley are statistically tied among independent voters, with Foley holding a slight edge, according to the poll.

Foley said he's more inclined to believe his own pollsters.

"Midweek last week, we were three-and-a-half points up, and I think we're gaining going into Election Day," Foley said.

Visconti's name will remain on the ballot despite his endorsement of Foley.

The two frontrunners participated in the last debate before the election Monday morning,

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