Thea Digiammerino

‘Rainbow Baby' Born When Sister Acts as Surrogate

A Connecticut woman stepped up in a big way when her sister struggled to start a family.

“Long-awaited it's been four years in the making,” Elizabeth Gaudino said.

Like some storms in life, they can come with little warning and last longer than we’d like.

“We lost our twins at 20 weeks, we struggled after that with a few failed transfers,” Gaudino said.

For Gaudino infertility seemed like the storm that just wouldn’t let up. But just as fast as storms can come, she’s learned they too can suddenly stop.

Gaudino’s younger sister Anna Howat knew it was time.

“She's been through a lot so she didn't have a lot of optimism at the end,”  Howat said.

Giving her sister what her body would not, a place for her baby to grow. On Tuesday Anna gave birth to sweet Charlotte Grace as a surrogate.

“There’s light at the end of the tunnel,” Howat said.

A bundle of fulfilled dreams and proof that after the storms of life comes a rainbow.

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