Rainbow Loom Bracelets Banned From Wallingford School

Rainbow loom bracelets are a new fad among school children, but one school district has banned the bracelets for being a distraction.

Rainbow Loom friendship bracelets are the new fad among school-aged children. They're little elastics that can be linked to make bracelets, which are then passed around among friends.

“My daughter came home from school and she had the bracelets on, and I said, where did you get that? She said one of her girls at school made it. She liked it and said would you make me one? And she did,” said Yvette Penner of Cheshire.

However, some school districts are saying that the bracelets are becoming a distraction to students.

At Yalesville Elementary School in Wallingford, the principal banned students from making the bracelets during school hours. According to the Wallingford school district, students are allowed to wear the bracelets, but can't bring in the loom to make them, because it was causing arguments among students who were selectively sharing the looms. That goes against the school's policy for sharing and respecting classmates.

While some parents have raised concerns over the bracelets, other parents don't see a problem with the them.

“If they do it at recess, why can't they do it at recess? If it's productive, why not? I say I think, give the kids a little creativity. They want them to work, they want them to be creative, they give them art school, then why can't they just do it?” said Penner.

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