Rallying for an End to the Violence

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A day after an 11-year-old New Haven boy became the unintended target of gunfire, neighbors are calling for an end to the violence.

"If there was ever a time that we need to come out and stand together," said Pastor Scott Marks.
Neighbors say that time is now.  On Tuesday, the young boy was shot in the arm while walking out of Moe's Market on Dixwell Avenue.
"This is a tragedy in our community, this is a tragedy, my heart is broken for this child," said Tyronda James, a New Haven parent.
Much of the community is outraged that children don't feel safe in the Dixwell Avenue neighborhood where they live. Just a week ago, Ethan Washington, 8, was shot by a bb-gun while riding his bike. Now he's afraid to go outside.
"I don't want to be out here, not without a parent," said Washington.
"We just totally couldn't believe it, so because we're concerned, and for his safety, he's going to Virginia for the summer," said Darlene Rodas, Washington's grandmother.
Other parents are also keeping their children out of New Haven, at least until the crime stops.
"My kids live in Seymour. I don't even bring them to New Haven. They go to school in Seymour, they stay in Seymour until the Mayor and the parents in the community can come together and get the guns off the street, and keep our kids safe," said Cynthia D'Antona, who lives in the neighborhood.
Police are increasing patrols in the area, but say it will take more than officers cruising the streets. The police department needs the community to come forward and give any information they may have.
"We need the community to break their code of silence, give us the information so we can solve this crime," said New Haven Police Chief Frank Limon.
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