REAL ID Deadline Nears

There are growing national concerns about the looming deadline for “REAL ID.”

Beginning October 1, the federal government is requiring anyone boarding an airplane for travel within the U.S. or entering certain federal buildings to have a "verified" driver's license, state-issued ID card or else you’ll have to show a valid passport.

A gold star in the top right corner of your license or ID card means you’re verified to fly.

Connecticut DMV leaders say they believe Connecticut residents are more prepared than people in a lot of other states.

“I think we’re at a very good spot right now, like I said, we’re about 55% percent. We’re ahead of a lot of states,” said Department of Motor Vehicle Deputy Commissioner Tony Guerrera.

But as the deadline nears, we’ll be seeing more and more reminders about REAL ID.

“Listen, we’d love to be at 100%. Are we going to be at 100% by October 20? Probably not, but can we reach 70-75(%) mark? I’m hoping we can do that."

Connecticut began offering this verification for new drivers and those renewing their licenses or IDs back in 2011.

You have to sign up to get REAL ID in person. It cannot be done online. It will then be mailed to you.

Visit the DMV’s website first to see what documents you need to bring to the DMV or another one of their partners, like a AAA location.

If your license is up for renewal, there’s no extra cost.

If not, and you want to get REAL ID designation, there's a $30 fee.

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