Rent-to-Own Contract Creates Confusion for Fairfield Man

Rent-to-own is a common practice when it comes to cars and big ticket items for your home. But before you sign a contract, take a closer look.

Bill Waskiewicz reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds for help making sense of his agreement with AcceptanceNOW.

Waskiewicz purchased a couch, loveseat, ottoman and twin mattress from Bob’s Discount Furniture in October. Instead of paying up front, he signed a contract with AcceptanceNOW, which is set up inside the furniture store, but operates independently from Bob's.

"At first when we did it, I didn't really know that it was like a rental. I just figured somewhere along, it was just kind of financing," Waskiewicz said.

It was actually a rent-to-own agreement, which allowed him to return the furniture at any time without penalty. That worked out to his advantage when he decided to send back everything except the mattress.

AcceptanceNOW drew up a new payment contract, which Waskiewicz found confusing. The new price included a $159 delivery fee. Since the mattress was already in his house, Waskiewicz asked AcceptanceNOW to refund that charge.

Waskiewicz made multiple calls to customer service, all with the same answer. His wife suggested calling NBC Connecticut Responds.

Our consumer team asked the company why Waskiewicz was charged twice for delivery.

A spokesperson told us, "While the delivery in question was provided by the host retailer, AcceptanceNOW has agreed to incur the delivery charge on Mr. Waskiewicz's behalf and refund the full amount to him."

AcceptanceNOW actually wiped out his remaining balance of $230.

A spokesman for Bob's Discount Furniture said the company wasn't aware of this situation but is pleased it was resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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