Rental Cars Must Be Clear of Defects, Recalls Before Being Rented

Consumers are finally getting some reassurance when it comes to renting cars. All rental cars must now be cleared of safety defects and recalls before they hit the road. 

THE U.S. Department of Transportation announced that all rental car agencies must fix any and all open recalls on vehicles before they are rented out. 

The law applies to rental companies or dealers with more than 35 vehicles in their fleets. In 2014, there were close to 900 recalls affecting 51 million vehicles nationwide. 

“I didn’t know that it was going on under our noses. I probably drove a car that was not safe. I’m glad to hear they did something about it,” Christine Kelly, of Canton, said. 

Consumers are urged to check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s free recall look-up tool to find out if there is an open recall on their car or on one they’re renting. 

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