Roommates Arrested After Machete-Knife Fight Over Eviction: Police

Two roommates were arrested after getting into a fight with a machete and a knife during an argument over being evicted from their Bridgeport apartment, police said.

Police went to an apartment at Shelton and Pembroke streets on Monday to investigate a report of one roommate threatening another roommate with a knife and found Jaime Feliciano, 37, holding a spring loaded knife, police said.

He dropped it when police told him to, then told police what happened in the moments leading up to the call for officers to respond.

He said he had been renting a room from his roommate, Renzo Estuella, 55, who had received an eviction notice for to failure to pay rent, police said.

Feliciano said he had been giving half the rent to Estuella, who said he was giving the full monthly rent to the landlord, but apparently was not.

Feliciano had confronted Estuella, who grabbed a machete and threatening Feliciano, according to police, then Feliciano grabbed a knife to defend himself.

When officers asked Renzo if he owned a machete, he said no, but police found it under his mattress.

He then told officer he did not threaten Feliciano with the machete, but police tool both men into custody.

Both were charged with disorderly conduct and second-degree threatening. Bond was set at $5,000.

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