Runners Rescue Stranded Bicyclist at West Hartford Reservoir

“A couple weeks ago we saw a bear but that's not too unusual,” Tim Lynch said.

As a long time runner at the West Harford Reservoir, Lynch has seen his share of surprises but what he and his friend Mike came across early Thursday morning beat them all.

“It looked like he was there for a while, his shirt was ripped, his glasses were in one place, his cell phone was in one place and his helmet was in another place," said Lynch. 

Lynch and his friend approached the bloody and banged up bicyclist who had taken a serious tumble off the Red Loop.  Lynch said he knew the bicyclist was in rough shape.

“He was incoherent as to where he was, he knew who he was but he didn't know where he was so we kept on having to repeat that,” Lynch said.

Lynch soon realized the man had spent the night injured at the reservoir he and his friend then raced to the man's dying cell phone to call 911.

“We called and in a half an hour or 45 minutes later they were able to get up there. It's somewhat remote so we heard the sirens and it's not the easiest place to get to but they got there they took care of them quite quickly,” Lynch said.

Emergency workers rushed the man to Hartford hospital. His identity has not been released.

“Terrible, what a horrifying experience,” Adrienne Gallagher said.

Adrienne Gallagher among those now praising the efforts of Lynch and his friend.

“I hope that anyone would do the same and that as humans are supposed to be taking care of each other,” Lynch said.

But if you ask Lynch, he will tell you he's no hero, just a human helping another.

“No I think I did what anyone would do in that situation, he was vulnerable and hurt so I just hope he's ok," Lynch said.

The biker's condition is still unknown but Lynch says he is thankful he and his friend were in the right place at the right time.

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