School Bans Shirts With Band Logo

A Wolcott middle school has banned shirts with a certain cat because of what the logo represents, according to the Waterbury Republican-American.

Students at Tyrrell Middle School were wearing shirts that have the logo of OFWGKTA, a band whose letters stand for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, and school officials said the logo “stands for something vile.”

Joseph Macary, Supt. of Schools, issued a statement about the T-shirt controversy.

"The Wolcott Public Schools believes in and supports the First Amendment rights of students, in accordance with both court decisions and the policies of the Wolcott Board of Education.  The Wolcott Public Schools has always and will continue to allow students their rights of free expression, so long as all students exercise their rights without creating a substantial disruption to the educational environment for all students," the statement said.

This ban comes weeks after another student in Wolcott won his own battle to wear a controversial shirt. 

Seth Groody, a Wolcott High School student, wore a shirt bearing a rainbow with a red bar through it during a "Day of Silence" at the school, part of a national event to bring awareness to the problem of bullying of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students in school.

School administrators made him change the shirt and threatened him with suspension, but the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in and threatened to file a lawsuit on Groody's behalf. Last month, the school decided to allow Groody to wear the shirt.

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