Man Went After Moms of Special Needs Kids: Cops

Fairfield Police are on the look out for a man who has a serious case of road rage.

Investigators said a well-dressed man in his 60s, driving a newer model black Mercedes, has terrorized two mothers over the summer, both of whom were with their special needs' children at the time.

"I was afraid he was going to come burn my house down," said one of the mother who didn't want to share her name.

She said she's still terrified after an incident that started in the middle of Congress Street in June.

"He was in front of me. He kept slamming on his brakes, stopping, and I stopped and it was almost as if he was going to ask me for directions," she said, adding that it became evident to her that he wasn't lost.

This is all going on while her 7-year-old special needs son was in the backseat. 

"He was shaking his fists at me and screaming horrendous obscenities at me, calling me names and I drove around," the mother said. 

Several cars followed, she said, but he wasn't done.

"He actually ran through a red light  to come after me, made an illegal left turn to pull up next to me to once more scream obscenities at me," she said,

The woman eventually turned left onto the Merritt Parkway, while the man turned right onto Congress.

As for her son, "He was terrified. Any child special needs or not understands when somebody is threatening you and calling you names and he said 'Mommy, why is that man screaming at you?'"

Fairfield Police said this man was screaming at another mother with a special needs child on July 10 as she was buckling her daughter onto a school bus on Merwins Lane near Redding Road.

"So he literally went up to the bus driver and up to the mother and started yelling at them," Lieutenant James Perez of Fairfield Police said.

Perez say the driver yelled, "You better be here five minutes earlier tomorrow or this is going to be a problem."

It just so happens that both mothers came in on Tuesday to report the incidents and both described the same man. 

"Listen we all have bad days, but it is unacceptable," Perez said.

The mother, along with other Fairfield neighbors, now hope police track him down. 

"Because I never want to run into this man again. I just don't. he scares me," the mother said.

Police don't have the man's name, but are asking for the public's help in finding this black Mercedes.

Investigators also believe he's a commuter who likely heads to the train station in the morning.

If you have any information, call the Fairfield police department at (203) 254-4800.

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