Sex Assault Reported at UConn

It happened in October, but was reported over the weekend.

UConn students received an alert this week about an alleged sexual assault that took place on the Storrs campus two months ago.  

Students said UConn police sent them an alert on Monday about an alleged sexual assault in the S Lot behind the fine arts complex on the south end of the campus.

The assault took place on October 23, according to the alert, but the woman just reported it to campus police this past weekend.

According to UConn’s student news organization, the Daily Campus, the victim was grabbed from behind and pushed to the ground. 

This case comes after reports of a sex assault off campus in October as well as an attempted sex assault off campus in November, a Title IX lawsuit against UConn and a U.S. Department of Education investigation into a civil rights complaint from women who said they were sexually abused while at the school.

When NBC Connecticut reached out to UConn’s administration, they referred us to UConn police for comment and there was no immediate response.

“It's just strange to think that students here aren't reporting things when it happens because you want to know.” Katerina Svigos, a junior at UConn, said. “You hear that it happened again and what are you gonna do? You feel unsafe and when students aren't reporting it, then you wonder, what else is happening that I don't know?”

“Maybe she's uncomfortable about reporting it.  Maybe there's other underlying issues as to why she wasn't reporting it,” Jennifer Aronne, a senior at UConn.

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