Shoppers Head Out for Black Friday Rush

Thousands of shoppers packed into stores across Connecticut on this Black Friday.

NBC Connecticut spent the day at Kohl’s in Plainville, and the manager said this was the busiest Black Friday he had ever seen there.

Workers at Kohl’s could barely keep up. Long lines were a constant because of the big discounts being offered.

Carmela Nocera showed up around 2 o’clock for her first Black Friday shopping experience.

“I braved it,” Nocera said. She bought gifts for her grandchildren and saved hundreds of dollars. “Got great deals."

The deals were so good, some shoppers actually headed to the store twice yesterday.

“We were here this morning and I came back with my mom,” explained Lynn Desorbo.

But for others, dealing with the crowds was just too much.

“The commotion definitely isn't worth it." said Kasia Filipowski. "It's tough trying to get through everybody."

David Wozneicki, the manager at the Plainville Kohl’s, said the crowds were especially intense at 8 p.m. Thursday when the store opened. At least 1,500 were waiting at the door, Wozneicki said.

“It has been very busy,” he added.

Many customers said being at this store had become tradition. “Always, always. I’m always at Kohl’s on black Friday. They were hoping for even better deals next year.

Several stores planned to offer more discounts on Friday night and Saturday morning, and expected another big rush of shoppers.

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