Shoppers Line Up Early for Black Friday Deals

Shoppers came out in droves early Friday morning to shopping outlets all across the state, searching for Black Friday deals.

In Manchester, 2,200 people lined up outside of Kohls when their doors opened at 5 a.m. with another 1500 people waiting outside of the Best Buy at the Buckland Hills Mall.

At the Best Buy, Hal Whiting from Bolton was the first person in line. Whiting claimed his spot early, getting in line at 10:15 a.m. Thanksgiving morning.

Though Whiting has never waited in line on Black Friday before, he said the deals were too good this year to pass up and believes his early arrival could save $800 dollars from this year's Black Friday deals.

The deals were so good that  Michelle Huk -a business major from Rocky Hill-was trying to sell hers and others spots in line for $20 a spot. 

When the doors opened at 3 a.m. at Old Navy, the first 50 people got  bracelets, which entitled them to a Free Lego Rock Band game.

They started lining up by one.

Adrian Kelly from Cromwell, whose  visit to Old Navy was her third stop of the morning, said the midnight opening at Toys R Us was the worst see has seen.

"Not the line to get in the store, but the line to check out went all the way around the perimeter of the store and the only area to move was the inner area of the store," said Kelly, who decided to leave empty-handed.

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