Shoppers Stock Up on Groceries Ahead of Nor'easter

It may be March, but winter isn’t done just yet. That means another trip to the grocery store to stock up before the snow falls.

Wednesday's storm could drop over a foot of snow in some parts of Connecticut. Tuesday morning the shelves at Fitzgerald’s Foods in Simsbury were stocked.

“We made calls yesterday to get in extra water and bread and the things people are looking for,” said store owner Bryan DeVoe.

DeVoe said the staff was ready, too.

“We’re expecting a really busy day. We’ve already adjusted all of our schedules,” DeVoe explained.

Time was ticking for Heather Kelly, of Ellington, who just returned from a cruise to an empty fridge.

“My son’s not going to have school and I just got home from vacation and have no food in the house, so I need to grocery shop,” said Kelly.

On her shopping list, “Trying to plan for a warm dinner, have enough snacks in the house,” she added.

Plenty of people looked for the essentials.

“Bread, milk, soups. Things like that that are easy to prepare,” said Canton resident Katie French.

“Vegetables and some pasta,” added Elaine Buckley of Leeds, Maine.

For Buckley, there was more to preparing for the snowstorm than just filling up her basket.

“We have extra batteries, we’ve already got the flashlights out, the flashlights are by each bed, and we have water drawn off in case the flush doesn’t work,” explained Buckley.

Spending two weeks in Simsbury to “granny-sit” as she called it, Elaine said she was ready for the worst.

“I will weather the storm in Connecticut for certain. Coming from Maine, your big storm is probably comparable to some of our little storms,” said Buckley.

Big or small, shoppers were hopeful this storm is winter’s way of saying so long.

“It’s March. I’ve had enough,” said Kelly.

“I’m ready for spring, but I think this will go quickly. The sun’s at a higher point now it will melt quickly. One more - that’s it,” exclaimed French.

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