Rescued Shih-Tzu Recovers, Day-By-Day

Local rescue groups investigating as animal cruelty

After clinging to life in a storm drain, an abandoned Shih-Tzu rescued in Newington is starting to recover.

An employee at the Connecticut Humane Society found the dog on the facility's grounds Wednesday morning. Employees have now named him "Stormy."

Stormy might have died within 24 hours without medical care, according to the doctor who performed an emergency examination.

Dr. Steven Levy said the 11-year-old Shih-Tzu was suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and severe matting. Levy believes he was neglected for several months.

The Humane Society says Stormy survived the night on Wednesday and is taking in food, but they're calling his recovery a day-by-day situation.

The Connecticut Humane Society and the Newington Animal Control are investigating this as a cruelty and abandonment case and are asking anyone with information to call local authorities.

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