South Windsor to Remove Road Hump Where Teens Crashed, Died

Workers in South Windsor are removing a road hump on Abbe Road, which has been the scene for many major accidents within the last few years. 

In 2013, at Abbe Road and Robert Drive, two teenagers were killed when their driver sped up to get airborne over the hump, lost control and hit a tree.  

The driver, Sara Ballard, was sent to prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter and assault. A memorial for the victims, Matt Masse and Brooke Wormstedt, can be seen on the hump.

Officials said Abbe Road will be closed during work days, while it's made wider and safer.

"There's been since we've lived here, my parents live next door and my sister lives in the following house, and there's been several accidents. We just need people to stop jumping the hump as they call it and have no people get killed," she said

At the time of the crash, officials said removing the hump might be too expensive, but the state government granted South Windsor $350,000 in federal government money to make the road safer.

Jeff Doolittle of South Windsor Public Works explained, "It takes a little bit of work. The gas company had to relocate a gas main in that area. We're removing about three feet from the top of the knoll. And we're also raising the road at Robert Drive about a foot."

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