State Bond Commission Approves $10M Toll Study

The State Bond Commission has approved the allocation of $10 million to study tolls in Connecticut on Wednesday.

Six people on the State Bond Commission voted yes, three people voted no and one person abstained.

Gov. Dannel Malloy was pushing for the toll study, despite not having enough support from Republicans or Democrats in the legislature.

State Treasurer, Denise Nappier already said she plans to abstain from Wednesday's vote. She said she feels like there should be a broader study that looks at all of the resources that could be used to fund roads, not just a study focused on tolls.

The State Comptroller, Kevin Lembo, also already spoke out and said he will not support this. He said he feels legislators need to approve this level of spending.

The $10 million study orders the Department of Transportation to assess tolls and their environmental impact on several highways including Interstate 95, Interstate 91 and Interstate 84.

It also requires the state D.O.T. to look at reducing or eliminating the gas tax and possibly giving state residents a discount or tax credit.

Before the vote was approved, some Republicans said if it was approved, they planned on pushing for a special session to fight it.

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