Stimulus Money Frustrations

While the feds have issued millions of payments successfully, issues persist

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A number of people have reached out to NBC Connecticut betting they’re not the only ones dealing with problems with stimulus checks aimed at helping them, and the economy, during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been the federal agency tasked with distributing the funds.

Mike Mossman of West Haven said he entered his direct deposit info on the IRS website on April 15 so he could get his $1,200 in stimulus money sent electronically.  Yet he's learned he'll have to wait for a check that will be sent by April 24.   

“…that extra money would help.  I’ve spent a lot of money staying at home, eating at home, you know, just a lot of extras," Mossman said.

Then there’s Larry Cohen of Southington.  He explained despite updating his address and bank account in mid-March, his $1,200 stimulus payment was sent to his closed bank account in Florida. 

“I have tried calling the IRS.  You cannot call them.  The chat line is gone.  I cannot find an email address to email them,” Cohen said.

Hartford artist and songwriter Bill Katz got a stimulus deposit, but the IRS took $95 off the $1,200 he was expecting.  He said he is thankful for his money, but can’t figure out why it’s not the full amount. 

“I’m just wondering if other people are receiving, you know amounts less than that announced figure," Katz said.

He said he makes below the $75,000 per year. The stimulus payments are reduced for individual tax filers making above that amount.

Hartford artist and songwriter Bill Katz singing a song about coronavirus

The IRS, which has been distributing these stimulus checks, has been challenged due to coronavirus, and it is still processing tax returns.   For now, a spokesman said to go to the website for more information.   There you can check out a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section about the stimulus payments, and more.

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