Stolen Bases Are One Thing, Stolen Plaques Another

Plaque marking Hartford's small contribution to early baseball swiped

Now this just isn't good sportsmanship.  Someone has swiped a newly-minted plaque commemorating the site of the Hartford Base Ball Grounds.

(Yes, Hartford had a professional baseball team known as the "Dark Blues" when the National League was just getting off the ground in the mid 1870s.)

The plaque was taken some time after last Thursday.  It had stood near the Church of the Good Shepherd, a few blocks from Colt Park.  It was dedicated last July after a year of fundraising some $1500.

"It was a very positive thing for Hartford, recognizing Hartford history," said Ron Bolin of the group Baseball History Alive.

"This whole fundraising effort was people from all around the state of Connecticut coming together, donating twenty dollars here, fifty dollars there, to make this happen."

He said he wasn't altogether surprised, but didn't think someone would take the whole thing.

If you see it being melted down for scrap metal, please call the cops.

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