Strange and Silly Street Names

Connecticut is chock-full of crazy street names.

When cruising in Connecticut, chances are you've driven down streets with some seriously strange names.

Take for instance, Bliss Street, Puddinghill Road, King Arthur’s Way and Lady Slipper Lane.

Those are just a few of the odd street signs you'll see in our fair state. Here's a rundown of the area's most interesting:

Yellow Yellow Circle, in Middletown – a color so nice they named it twice. Get your yellow fix where streets harbor the hue with Yellow Road, Yellow Birch Road, Yellow Green Road, Yellow Hill Drive, Yellow Orange Circle and Yellow Pine Circle.

For “sheer driving pleasure” cruise down BMW Drive in Griswold.

Your emotions will be boggled on Bittersweet Lane in Berlin.

If you’re happy and you know it, you probably call Happy Hill Lane in Ashford home.

Cozy up to Cozy Court in Cromwell.

If momma ain’t happy, perhaps that’s because she’s not on Parent’s Way in Bloomfield.

In Tolland, Merlot Way, Chardonnay Circle and Zinfandel Circle wind their way into a wine-lover's paradise.

Butts Lane proudly moons Town Street and Washington Street in Norwich.

No girls allowed on Boy Street in Bristol!

Sensible Spoonville Road dips and curves, just like the utensil.

Some people may raise a stink about Skunk Misery Road in Higganum.

You might what to find out if you made the naughty or nice list at North Pole Avenue in Old Lyme, but chances are, if you live in Bitgood Village you won’t be getting coal in your stocking.

In Groton, you’re bound to find your thrill on Blueberry Hill Road.

Hell Hollow Road in Voluntown, where legend has it that the spirit of a girl named Maud(e) -- her cause of death is left to the imagination -- causes cars to crash or stall if drivers utter her name as they pass by her grave.

Streets named after body parts are scattered across the state: Elbow Lane in Plainville, West Hartford’s Finger Lane, Neck Road in Clinton, Coventry’s John Head Drive and Foot Court in Waterford.

You’ll find a wee bit o’ luck at Shamrock Circle in Windsor.

Drury Lane in West Hartford – Do you know the muffin man?

You might want to see if the Marlboro Man’s hangout is on Tobacco Road in Windsor.

No worries on E Z Street in Westbrook or Carefree Lane in Chaplin.

Take your dog for a walk on Shagbark Road in Norwalk.

Our favorite, however, is Roast Meat Hill Road, in Killingworth.

Check out these strange street names from across the states.

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Residents are always ready for a storm on Bread & Milk Street in Coventry.

Head to Satans Kingdom Road in New Hartford, Beelzebub Road in South Windsor or Devils Garden Road in Norwalk for a devilish time.

Don't know if you're heading up or down? Up Street runs parallel to Down Street in Bridgeport.

Add your favorite odd street name in the comments below. Have a photo of a street sign from one of them? E-mail us or upload it.

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