Students, Instructor of Fire School Evaluated for Minor Burns at Training Tower in Newington

NBC Connecticut

Six students and an instructor from a fire school were evaluated for minor burns while using a training tower in Newington Saturday morning, according to Newington’s fire marshal.

A Facebook post from the Newington Volunteer Fire Department says the Middlesex County Fire School was using the Newington Training Tower on Milk Lane for their firefighter 2 class live burn and six firefighters 2 students and one Middlesex County Fire School Instructor suffered minor burns around 9 a.m. and all were transported to the hospital for evaluation.

DJ Zordan, the fire marshal for Newington, said they received a call that a fire school was using a training tower and had to evacuate quickly after going inside because of what appear to be excessive heat.

Crews started treating the students and immediately extinguished the fire, Zordan said.

What happened is under investigation.

Newington fire chief Jeffrey Trommer said in an email that no Newington firefighters were injured or were part of the training.

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