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Surveillance Shows Masked Stranger at Door of Bristol Home

The homeowner reported the masked stranger police, who are investigating.

Kathleen Frascarelli likes to see who’s at the door before she answers it. Sunday night, the image she saw of the person on the other side of the glass gave her the creeps.

“It’s a smile that doesn’t go away,” said Frascarelli.

Frascarelli uses a Ring doorbell with a motion-detecting camera to see who is at her front door. When she logged into the app at 8:45 p.m. she saw a masked individual looking directly into the camera.

“That mask. That smile. That was weird,” she said.

The person knocks and then stands at the door for 15 seconds. Afterwards, the camera catches them pulling their sleeve over their hand, then wiping away their fingerprints from the doorknob they tried to open when they first walked up to the house.

“Wiping off his fingerprints. I mean come on. He was there to do no good,” said Frascarelli’s neighbor Marcie Childers.

“He had something heavy in his sweatshirt pocket, which we don’t know what that was,” said Frascarelli.

“And, he had a bag that he was carrying with him. So, God knows what was in there,” added neighbor Tamara Tromblay, who saw the security footage.

Frascarelli said by the time she made it downstairs the person was already in a car parked across the street. Their car window was down so she yelled out them, but they sped off.

“It actually scared the living daylights out of me. It was quite creepy. Kind of reminds you of something you’d see out of a movie,” said Tromblay.

Frascarelli shared the video with neighbors and on social media, too.

“I tried to put it everywhere to tell anybody who would see it to not go to their door to make sure they knew who was there,” she said.

One neighbor told us she now plans to install a security camera outside her home.

“You actually have a suspect you can look at instead of a description,” explained Barbara Kozikowski.

Frascarelli immediately called the Bristol Police Department. Police said they are investigating the incident and have not gotten any other calls about this individual.

“This is a dead end off of a dead end. Nobody comes down here,” said Frascarelli. “I don’t know what he was trying to do.”

“I was a little creeped out, nerved up, cause it’s quiet around here. So, you just don’t expect anything like that,” added Kozikowski.

“We’re locking the doors. Even if we have the door open we’re locking the screen. We never did that before,” Childers added.

Frascarelli said this isn’t the first time someone has had their eye on her home – she said she was the victim of a burglary 10 years ago.

“The whole house was a disaster, everything thrown on the floor,” recalled Frascarelli.

The suspects were eventually caught.

Now, she’s hoping with help of smart home technology she doesn’t become a victim again.

“Enough people know about it now,” said Frascarelli.

“Things are getting a little more dangerous than they used to be and people don’t know their neighbors like they use to so to have the extra eye on your house is wonderful,” added Childers.

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