The Politics of Love

How The Election's Hitting the Dating Scene

If you're not totally sick of polling yet, here's one last one you might find interesting:

"It's Just Lunch", a company in Connecticut that prides itself on hooking up busy professionals, conducted a poll looking at the impact of the elections on love.  And the results may surprise you more than any of the election results.

A full 63% of respondents said they'd be open to dating someone who didn't follow their personal party lines, while 11% said they'd be deterred from a second date with someone of a different party if there was chemistry on the first date.

The number of people who were up for talking about politics were a little higher. The poll found 87% of surveyed singles would be comfortable talking about the election. But just because they're up for talking doesn't mean you should bring it up: 77% of respondents said it's not an appropriate topic for a first date.

Nearly three-quarters of the singles who took part in the poll said it's at least a little important that the person they're on a date with be knowledgeable about the issues concerning the election.

The lesson of the day? Sometimes you're better off ignoring the elephant in the room. Or the donkey.

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