Thieves Stole 5 New Mercedes From Dealership

Thieves stole five new luxury Mercedes from a Fairfield car dealership over a week-long span, according to police.

The vehicles, worth more than $200,000 combined, were stolen from the parking lot of the Mercedes of Fairfield, at 165 Commerce Drive, between July 16 and July 21.

The discovery came after police departments in Yonkers and Bronx, New York found the cars abandoned on their local streets and reported them, according to a news release from police.

The thieves apparently broke into a lock box the dealership keeps outside of the window of the cars.

Police said leaving keys in a lock box contributed to the thefts and hope this serves as a crime prevention trainer.

The stolen models were identified as:

  • 2015 Mercedes S550
  • 2015 Mercedes GL450
  • 2015 Mercedes 250
  • 2015 Mercedes GL450
  • 2015 Mercedes ML350
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