39 New Haven Stores Sold Tobacco to Minors: Police

New Haven police found 39 businesses in violation of state tobacco sale laws when they sold tobacco to minors during an extensive sting operation and 203 unannounced compliance inspections at stores in March and April.

Funding for the compliance checks at businesses selling tobacco came from a Tobacco Master Settlement Health and Trust Fund grant from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

"The inspections were performed in an effort to determine compliance with state laws concerning the prohibition of the sale of cigarettes and/or tobacco products to youth under the age of eighteen," New Haven police said in a news release.

Clerks at the 39 stores that sold to minors were fined $200 and issued a first-time offense infraction, police said.

It has been illegal for people under 18 in Connecticut to buy, smoke or have tobacco in public since Oct. 1, 2008, police said.

The following businesses were found in violation of the state's tobacco sale laws, police said:

• Pops Grocery at 267 Grand Ave.
• Grand Ave Smokers Market at 118 Grand Ave.
• Ninos Market at 521 Ferry St.
• Valley Mart LLC at 589 Valley Rd.
• Gushers Food Mart at 1306 Whalley Ave.
• Sohum LLC at 801 Whalley Ave.
• Tiger Mart at 775 Whalley Ave.
• Jay Deli at 385 Whalley Ave.
• L & A Deli at 351 Whalley Ave.
• Walt's Package Store at 451 Columbus Ave.
• California Grocery at 846 Congress Ave.
• Super Star Market at 96 Sylvan Ave.
• Walgreens #6474 at 82-92 York St.
• Eddies Market at 58 Slyvan Ave.
• Sammy Inoas Market at 253 Davenport Ave.
• Eddys Food Center at 276 Howard Ave.
• Kavs Package Store at 529 Howard Ave.
• Mi Favorita Corner Store at 52 Liberty St.
• Spring Liquor at 105 Cedar St.
• Sams Food Store at 63 York St.
• Ferry Grocery at 410 Ferry St.
• Jaynez Grocery at 227 Ferry St.
• Stop & Go Delimart at 161 Whalley Ave. STE2
• H & S Food Mart at 306 Whalley Ave.
• Sams Food Store at 285 Whalley Ave.
• Mobil Mart  at 284 Whalley Ave.
• Deli Haven LLC at 794 George St.
• Family Dollar Store at 760 Chapel St.
• Discount Liquor of Annex at 383 Forbes Ave.
• Empire Liquors at 1655 Quinnipiac Ave.
• Gate Way Food Store at 55 Church St.
• Orchard Market  at 738 Orchard St.
• Dixwell Deli & Grocery at 269 Dixwell Ave.
• Dixwell Mini Mart at 284 Dixwell Ave.
• Smokers Stop at 206A Dixwell Ave.
• Corner Deli at 265 Winchester Ave.
• State Street Hess at 1331 State St.
• Gloria Grocery Corp at 607 East St.
• One Way Corner Mini Market at 108 Greenwood St.

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