Thousands Enjoy Annual Apple Harvest and Music Festival in Glastonbury

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A tradition has returned in Glastonbury with the annual Apple Harvest and Music Festival!

After a year away, this Glastonbury staple 46 years in the making is back and going strong. 

Over the past three days, nearly 20,000 people have been able to experience the famous pies, rides and road races that make up this annual event. On its final day, the festivities kicked off with the 5k Road Race

“Were gonna have about 400 runners today, which is fantastic” said Race Director Michael Keenan. “The weather is fantastic and everybody seems excited about the easy, fast course. There isn’t a single hill on the course.”

For James Dunn, it’s a tradition that he now gets to experience with his little son.

“It’s great to have all these people running today. It’s a great event that they put on and they’ve done a great job bringing people back,” said Dunn.

It’s a massive event with over 200 volunteers. This year, the team thought everyone needed to experience the fun so they decided to make the festival free of charge.

“I think everybody’s been in a really tough place and this was something that the chamber felt was really important,” said President of the Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce Jessica Olander. “I think our Board of Directors and our membership really just wanted to have the community spirit alive and well and it is.”

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