Timing Out Peak Foliage in Connecticut

Peak foliage expected to be later than usual...

Weather and climate play a pivotal role in determining when peak foliage occurs and how vibrant the leaves become.

The months leading up to peak fall foliage have been anything but normal.

Connecticut experienced a very warm August with temperatures running a good 4 degrees above average. The month was also quite wet with the monthly rainfall total more than doubling the average amount for August. 

The month of August was followed up by another very warm September. Average temperatures in September ran 3.3 degrees above the norm. Similar to August precipitation was also above average by over 2 inches. 

There are several variables that determine when and how the trees change. Everything from the weather during the previous winter, to the tree type, and even the condition of trees given the recent Gypsy moth invasion. 

Warm and wet months leading up to October will result in fall foliage being delayed by up to two weeks. 

The northwest and northeast hills (cities and towns like Salisbury, Sharon, Colebrook, Stafford, Woodstock, Thompson) can expect peak foliage around the middle of October.

Areas of central Connecticut (cities and towns like Hartford, Enfield, Waterbury, Plainfield, Southington, and Norwich) can expect peak foliage toward the end of October.

Southern and coastal Connecticut (cities and towns likes New Haven, Bridgeport, Hamden, Clinton, Groton, and Shelton) can expect peak foliage in late October and early November. 

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