Torrington Extending School Day for Some

It won’t be long before school is back in session and for some Torrington students, the days will be a little longer.

In a letter to parents delivered Wednesday, the Torrington Public School system announced changes. Twenty-five minutes were added to the elementary school schedule while the middle school day will start five minutes earlier.

Not all parents agree with the changes, in particular those involving the elementary school.

“It’s too demanding for those kids. For them to start early and stay later. It’s just too much,” said Lacee Cronin of Torrington.

According to the letter, the changes were made to enhance the curriculum and refine instructional strategies. Specifically the twenty-five minutes added to the elementary school schedule are to allow more intervention and targeted instruction.

Torrington High School is adapting to times said to be “more developmentally appropriate.” More courses are also being added, including classes on drones, engineering, sports science and coding.

“If they’re going to add classes and it’s going to make it more fun for the kids and they feel they’re excited about what they’re learning and don’t focus on (the changes), then I think that would be very positive,” said Amanda Hoetzl.

Hoetzl, says she’s keeping an open mind about the new schedule but has concerns.

“It is important for the kids to get their education of course but it’s also important to have time at home and de-stress from whatever happened at school,” Hoetzl says.

Students, meanwhile, had a predictable response.

“I don’t think we need we need to expand it more because we already spend seven hours (in school),” said seventh-grader Wyatt Perry.

Not every student though is worried.

“I think it’s gonna be OK,” said third grader Ayden Cronin who describes his school day as “perfect” and is looking forward to the first day of school, August 28.

Torrington Public Schools will have a meet and greet with the community at Coe Park on August 10 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Parents are encouraged to attend where they can communicate their thoughts on these changes.

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