‘Tot in Toy': Danbury Crews Free 2-Year-Old's Arm From Train Toy

Danbury firefighters and EMS crews came to the rescue of a 2-year-old boy who got his hand stuck in a Thomas the Tank Engine toy Wednesday.

Fire officials said crews were called to a local home on a report of a 2-year-old who stuck his arm into the smokestack of a Thomas the Tank Engine toy and couldn’t get it back out. During the call, which fire officials dubbed “Tot in Toy,” crews had to dismantle the toy to get the child’s arm free. Crews said the boy was "very calm" during the situation.

The job was complicated by the design of the toy, which was meant to launch balls. After about 20 minutes of dismantling, the child’s arm came free. Unharmed and now free, the boy went back to playing with other toys.

The child was wearing a bracelet that had gotten caught on a gear of the launcher, causing him to get stuck.

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