Town, Businesses Prepare For Possible Storms

 As a winter storm moves to the east, people across Connecticut were not waiting to prepare. A spokesperson for New Haven said that the city would be ready for whatever weather comes this way. That was the sentiment all along the shoreline -- and beyond -- on Tuesday.

At Hilltop Turf & Landscapes in West Haven, owner Eric Orzel was in full preparation mode. He said he needed to know that every last one of his plows and snow blowers would be ready to roll.

“Making sure all the equipment is ready, all the fuel is topped off," said Orzel. His snow removal team has been busy, even though the potential for snow is still days away. “We have gotten a lot of phone calls from those who have not prepared themselves for the winter," he said.

In New Haven, preparations for any winter weather started many months ago with an investment in some newer and smaller plows. Officials said snow removal equipment that is more nimble will clear narrow or dead-end streets more quickly.

Further north in Cheshire, most of the customers at R.W. Hine Hardware store were making the same kind of purchases.

“Shovels, ice melt, roof melt, batteries, flashlights, etc.," said Tom Gaetani, store manager. “We've been very busy all day, very busy selling any storm related items.”

“You never know what mother nature is going to dish out," said Orzel.

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