Traveler Concerns Heightened After Diverted Air France Flights, But So Is Security

Many people flying Wednesday admit they're more worried than usual after threats Air France received Tuesday diverting two Paris-bound planes from the United States.

Some travelers were expecting increased security when they got to their respective airports.

"I did not see any upped security," June Hays said of her experience at the airport in Orlando on her way home to Terryville. "I went early to see if there was possible delays getting on the plane. There was nothing."

Every airport has TSA security checkpoints. There are also surveillance cameras that aren't visible to travelers at Bradley Airport that authorities say are important tools for security.

So, even though there are no uniformed soldiers on patrol with automatic weapons, security has been enhanced.

"Yeah," said Gov. Dannel Malloy, "we're doing things to a higher degree, greater degree than we might on every other day of the year or most of the year. Obviously what's transpiring in Europe is bothersome."

The Pastor family,  of Willimantic, flew into Bradley from Florida and were nervous on the trip.

 "To be honest I didn't really know what to feel," Neyshla Pastor said. "Taking off from Florida to come to here is kinda uneasy, but then we landed and everything was fine."

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