Travelers Try to Stay Cool on Public Transportation During Heat Wave

Metro North reported no heat-related issues or delays Friday afternoon on the New Haven line.

During a heat wave, crews closely monitor the trains and rails because a power outage could happen at any moment, MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan said.

With the heat rising from the rails, the Connors sisters took the train to New York City from West Haven for a day trip.

“We get together in July, we get together in Christmas,” Mary Connors said, “so we went down when it was really cold now we’re going down when it’s really hot.”

While the Metro North trains are equipped with air conditioning, Mary made sure to bring a hat with her.

“I always say you never get hot if you have a hat on,” she said.

Metro Taxi driver Jonathan Edjah is glad he is spending most of his day behind the wheel.

“But the few times that I’ve stepped out I’ve really felt it,” he said, picking up a passenger at the West Haven train station.

Ejdah said the company instructs all drivers to keep the AC running.

“You have to keep the vehicle cool down,” he said, “because the customers get in they have to be comfortable.”

By the bust stop on the New Haven Green, Omar Shahid is trying to make a buck by providing riders with a cold beverage.

“Well, I’m out here selling some ice cold water and soda for the peoples,” Shahid said, “trying to quench their thirst.”

Once in the Big Apple, the Connors were planning to spend most of their day inside.

“We’re going to the museums, and do a little shopping, then going out to eat in little Italy,” Sue Connors said.

And when it comes to getting around the city, the sisters say they’re avoiding the subway.

“To hot, too much time underground,” Mary Connors said, “and you don’t want to get stuck if they have a blackout.”

Metro North crews will have cold bottled water on board during this weekend’s heat wave, just in case a train gets stuck, Donovan said.

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