Thea Digiammerino

Tree Comes Down on Car in Wethersfield During Snow Squall

In an impressive display of the power of Wednesday’s snow squalls, strong winds in Wethersfield took out a large tree.

At the height of Wednesday’s snow squalls the Lisella family was tucked inside their home on Hartford Avenue. While the wind was whipping, they heard a sound but didn’t know what it was.

We heard this massive thud!,” Cole Lisella said. “We tried looking out all the windows and we couldn’t see anything because it was this snow squall.”

The blinding snow kept them from seeing mother nature meeting machine – the family Volvo was smashed by one of their favorite trees.

“Then he was like “Mom! There’s a tree on your car!” mom Blaik Lisella said.

The tree missed the shed and came nowhere near the family, but made quick work of the car, which might be a total loss.

The tree is still resting on the car, something of an attraction for the kids in the family as mom tries to figure out what to do next with the insurance company. She’s thankful, however, that everyone was safe.

“I’m happy that nobody was in the car…Mother Nature is a force to reckoned with,” she said.

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