Tree Falls On House in Wolcott

It was a close call for the Segal family on Equinox Avenue in Wolcott Wednesday morning when their neighbor’s tree crashed into their house and came through their roof just before 6:30 a.m. 

“I heard this really weird noise,” Linda Segal, the homeowner, said. “I didn’t know if it was a car accident. I looked out the window and I just saw this branch coming right at me and I just froze. Then I just turned around in my bed, and I looked up, and the branch was right through the ceiling.” 

Segal called for her husband and checked on her son, “because the tree had fallen over the whole house. So I went and checked on him and told him to get out of it because I didn’t know if it was going to come down anymore.” 

Wolcott firefighters, police and Mayor Thomas Dunn all arrived within minutes. That’s when the Segal family realized the fallen tree was from their neighbor’s property. 

“The whole tree didn’t come down, it was just the upper shoot. But I probably will remove the whole tree at this point now,” Tom Tella, the neighbor whose tree fell down, said. 

Tella said he’s never been told to remove the tree and he intends to keep the rest on his property despite the close call. 

“I have no intention of removing any trees from my property unless they impose a danger to someone,” Tella said. 

The Segal family continues to monitor the spreading leaks throughout their house as the tree rests on top of recently completed renovations.

Linda’s message to the community is to, “call an arborist. It may a couple hundred dollars – not even – and have them check your surrounding property.”

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