Two Charged in Middle School Bomb Scare

Police arrested a young East Hampton couple accused of planting a fake bomb at East Hampton Middle School on Saturday.

According to investigators Sean Doran and Kayla Sypek, both 20 years-old, left the timing device near the front entrance doors of the school on Childs Road.

School custodians discovered it on Saturday morning as they were preparing to open the school for a Christian Youth Basketball League, police said.

The makeshift bomb was red and orange and approximately 12-inches, by 8-inches by 4 inches in size. Police immediately locked down the school and secured the area.

The Connecticut State Police Bomb Squad was called in and determined the suspicious item did not contain any explosives. Police said the school was checked for any other possible dangerous items and was then deemed safe.

Authorities said they found the suspects in a security video from the school and later arrested Doran and Sypek during a traffic stop. Also in the vehicle was the couple's 2-year-old daughter.

When police stopped the two, Doran was wearing the same plaid, flannel shirt as seen in the surveillance video from the school, according to police.

The couple confessed to the crime and both were charged with reckless endangerment in the first-degree, threatening in the first-degree, and breach of peace.

Authorities from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also investigating the case and Doran and Sypek could face federal charges as well.

Doran and Sypek are each held on $100,000 bonds and are set to appear in Middlesex Superior Court on Monday, Jan. 14, 2012.

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